Oval Bottle Labeling Machine

The VKPAK Oval Label Applicators are most versatile meeting the demands of modern packaging that call for high efficiency, accuracy and reliability, while maintaining a low budget cost. Our Oval Labeling Applicators of self adhesive labels can apply single, front and back or wrap around labels on Flat, Oval, Square, Round shape bottles or containers. Our module ensures the maximum stability and straight position of oval shaped bottles. This module ensures the perfect alignment of bottles on conveyor for precise labeling application suitable for almost every type of bottles.

The highly-performance machines labeling is specially designed for oval soft plastic bottles in order to avoid the insufficient labels in edge or lower accuracy labeling for irregular bottles .

Oval bottles are ideal for a wide variety of uses and industries including, but not limited to:

  • Biotechnology
  • Contract Fillers
  • Environmental
  • Food & Flavorings
  • Healthcare
  • Home & Garden
  • Household Chemicals
  • Janitorial/Sanitation
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical

The VKPAK configured for flat and oval sided products has superb accuracy and ease of settings. If you have flat or oval sided products needing one, two or even three labels, the VKPAK has the forethought of design to make the job simple to set-up again and again. The picture below hints at our thinking – which is to design for the real world not unrealistic hopes that the bristles of a fixed wipe down brush will apply even pressure on a curved surface (in this case the curve of the product’s surface can be followed with our spring loaded brush mount). Being a VKPAK machine, the option to add modules at the time of order or after market allows for the of oval and round product with very quick product change-over.

Don’t be scared by our competitor quotes for equipment that looks like ours – which is unlikely to match our performance – all our clients are delighted in the value our equipment represents.


Fast changeovers – There are no tools required for Product Change Over. Large Hand-wheels allow for near-effortless adjustments without the need for motor assist (Motor assists adds cost/complexity and something else to service). We have elected to keep it simple with position settings choosing a little more expensive etched rulers and scales over “digital indicators” which in time can fail (again another thing to service). The Setup time between jobs is simple and quick.

Repeatability – All Electronic settings/parameters of your production job can be saved on the touch screen allowing exact repeatability between runs.

Flexibility – The VKPAK is designed in a modular format allowing for multiple configurations to suit your range of Jobs. Both the Mechanics and Electronics are Modular enabling the fast addition and removal of Mechanics AND ELECTRONICS.

The Colour Touch Screen – has easy to use and and easy to understand. There is also machine status information and troubleshooting menus.

When you need an oval bottle labeling solution, VKPAK provides the following products to meet your requirements