Tapered Bottle Labeling Machine

Our tapered bottle labeling machine is an automatic linear labeling machine that allows to apply up to 3 labels on all your conical products (jars, bottles, cans, buckets) with a speed up to 40 products per minute. This linear labeling machine adapts to the different product formats of conical products in a simple and efficient way, without the need to change the material.

Our tapered bottle labeling machine is used in many sectors of activity: cosmetics(perfume, cream, skincare, soap etc.), food processing (sauce, jam, marmalade, honey, fruit juice, mustard, olive oil, vinegar, etc.), chemistry (cleaning and household products, detergents, solvents, motor oil, etc.), paint and varnish (pots, buckets, cans, etc.).

Our industrial labeling applicator machines provide complex labeling solutions for many different types of commercial industries, including:

  • Boutique Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • BBQ Companies
  • Hot Sauce Companies
  • Holistic Medicine Suppliers
  • Candle and Soap Companies
  • Salsa Manufacturers
  • Salad Dressing Companies
  • Teriyaki Sauce Manufacturers
  • Olive Oil Producers
  • Spice Manufacturers
  • Soda Manufacturers
  • Chemical Manufacturers

This automatic linear labeling machine integrates perfectly into a complete packaging line.

One of our most popular machine is the tapered bottle labeling machine. The machine was specifically designed to label Tapered Bottles, & containers, such as a Bordeaux ,Burgundy & Champagne style bottle. Tapered bottles, whether a slight taper or a radical taper can be difficult to label, but we have designed a specialized label application machine that will apply your labels effortlessly. The machine not only handles tapered bottle applications but will also label straight cylindrical bottles & containers.

The easy to operate tapered bottle labeling machine. The patented design makes our machines a perfect upgrade from hand labeling but also compatible for companies with difficult containers. Our machines are most popular in the wine, food and homeopathic industries. VKPAK machines can label round containers and will also label almost any container with a slight or significant taper, such as a bourdeau wine bottle or cosmetic bottle. Our machines can label small containers and label large bottles up to 3 liter wine bottle.Great for plastic bottle labeling and glass bottle labeling.

When you need an tapered bottle labeling solution, VKPAK provides the following products to meet your requirements