Automatic Two Side Front And Back Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic double side front and back self adhesive labelling machine for bottles is design to handle a wide range of self-adhesive labelling applications with speed and accuracy in either single, twin or tri-labelling head configuration can apply front, back, partial wrap or full wrap labels as well as tamper evident or promotional top labels. Two label dispensers operates independently for one side labeling or operate simultaneously for two side labeling which allows different size of label application on either side, An optional wrap station is offered for partial wrap or full wrap labels as well as tamper evident or promotional top labels. Front and Back sticker labeler machine is equipped with a chain aligner system for product orientation, ensuring correct positioning of the containers before the label is applied. The container position is adjusted by the spring mounted motorized chains before it moves under the head gripper where it is released. The head gripper is mounted on a vertical stainless steel spindle system for easy adjustment when needed. Additional features includes stainless steel construction and anodize components, world famous electronic components, servo motor drive, powered assist web take up, PLC control and user friendly HMI.

Adopt high quality wheel to leave some space between the bottles, so as to ensure that the labels will not be missed. The rotary speed of the sponge wheel can be adjusted to adjust space space between the two bottles.

The parts of the machine that store labels and collect label paper are designed to be adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of labels.

Adopt photoelectric equipment imported from Germany,and high quality servo motor, the labeling accuracy is greatly improved.
Product description:

The machine is economical, and easy to operate, equipped with HMI touch screen & PLC Control System. Built in microchip makes fast and easy adjustment and changeover . This automatic labeling system is ideal for cylindrical, flat and square container.

This machine is widely suitable for foodstuff, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries. It is single and double side labeling for flat, square and round bottle which volume below 1L. Automatic controlled by computer (PLC) easy operating. No bottle no labeling. It can change specifications easily. It adopts servo motor, achieved closed loop control low malfunction rate. High efficiency. Fast speed.

Workflow description

Bottle in→ check → labeling→stroke label → finished products
When bottle in labeling machine , firstly cheaking position. The bottle correction before enter the pressure is mechanism, Pressure is mechanism of action is to make the bottle can stable, no any dithering to walk ahead.stick mark position, through the sensor detection signal start out standard action, starting labeling.When labeled bottle forward to stroke, stroke label will on both sides of the label on the bottle to stick, then complete the labeling process.

Key Features

♦ Heavy-duty stainless steel constructed anodized aluminium components

♦ Electronic components are world famous brand

♦ Capable of labeling flat,oval,square and round containers

♦ Variable speed bottle infeed seperator wheel

♦ PLC control and user friendly HMI

♦ Servo motor drive delivers accurate and high-speed repeatable labeling

♦ Top stabilizing/conveyor belt is provided to hold the bottle for proper labeling.

♦ Automatic synchronized label head and conveyor belt

♦ Power assisted web take up

♦ Low or missing label detection with automatic stop system to prevent mislabeling

♦ Non-contact photo eye sensors

♦ Label counter

Available Options

♦ Hot stamp printing coder with base (prints characters directly onto the label)

♦ Clear Label Sensors (capable of detecting transparent labels)

♦ Wraparound station

Technical Specifications

DirectionLeft to Right or Right to Left
Speed120-250CPM(Depending on product characteristics and feed speed)
Container DiameterL:30-300mm W:20-140mm
Container Height55-400mm
Label Length15-300mm
Label Height10-150mm
Labeling Accuracy±1mm(Subject to product characteristics)
Label Reel Size320mm(Max)
Label Core Size76mm
Electric Supply110/220V 50/60HZ 1PH 2500W