Full Automatic Glass Bottle Linear Self Adhesive Labelling Machine

Strictly controlled fabrication

Each component is CNC processed for stable and quiet operation.
Each has been inspected before being sent into the warehouse to ensure mechanical precision.

Design features

- For providing highly precise single/double side labeling for oval or square containers, or
wrap-around labeling for round/rectangle containers.

HMI unit:
User-friendly operation system, with operation data storage
and error reminder. Easy to operate.

Labeling station:
- 6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station.
- Rapid adjustment without requiring any tool.
- Horizontal movement for minor adjustment.
- Double press-roller design to increase the label tension, good for peeling extra-thin labels and avoids label breaking.
- New labeling clutch to stablize the label tension for smooth operation, 3-point label adjustment device stablizes the label
- Special frame for the label peeling panel, easy to adjust.

Aligning unit:
- Special aligning unit assures precise positioning of the containers for highly accurate labeling.

- Connected with the top pressing belt, the synchronization does not require any adjustment.
- No bubble or wrinkle
-The labeled containers pass through label pressing panel, passive sponge rollers, and active sponge rollers, to make sure there is no bubble or wrinkle on the labels.
- Optional: Round container labeling device:
- Driven by Panasonic motor, speed adjustment with inverter, patented design of pneumatic 3 roller structure for accurate labeling without bubble or wrinkle. Special design does not require container container separating device, allowing the system to be more simple and efficient.


→ (Auto/ Manual) Container loading
→ Conveyor Transporting
→ Container separating
→ Aligning
→ Container top pressing
→ Second positioning (optional)
→ Signal detection
→ Label station receives the label-sending signal by the sensor
→ Label is sent rapidly to the required position on the container
→ Label pressing

Machine structure

A. Labeling station

Servo motor: YASKAWA (Japan)
Servo amplifier: YASKAWA (Japan)
PLC: Siemens (Germany)
Container sensor: KEYENCE (Japan)
Label sensor: SICK (Germany)/LION (America)

B. Mechanical parts:


WANSHSIN AC motor, Speed regulating inverter, Stable container transporting speed forhigh labeling precision.

Bottle separating unit:

Panasonic motor, speed adjustment controllable. Soft rollers to separate all shapes of containers without any change-over.

Aligning unit:

Panasonic motor, speed adjustment controllable, synchronized with the conveyor. The surface of the nylon chain structure is smooth so the containers will not be scratched. point touch positioning, repeating positioning error: ±0.3 mm (for containers with L:W >1.5).

Top pressing belt unit:

Driven by the bevel gear, mechanically synchronized with the conveyors for labeling precision.

Label peeling unit:

Steel spring plate combined with sponge, stuck with Teflon.

Label pressing unit:

Passive sponge roller, fast removable and installable for labels of a variety sizes. Avoiding bubbles and wrinkles with flexible label peeling plates, passive sponge rollers and active sponge rollers.

Container guiding unit:

Dimentional width adjustment for containers of different shapes.

Labeling device for round containers:

Panasonic motor, speed regulating converter, unique pneumatic roller structure, automatic positioning with 3 rollers for precise labeling without bubbles and wrinkles. Container separating device unnecessary, the system is easier and more efficient. Equipped with the positioning device for round containers of different sizes.


SUS 304 stainless steel, LY12 anodized harden aluminum & MC nylon. The structure is
mechanically reinforced with simple design.


Labeling speedMax. Labeling speed: 30 meter/minute,
Max. Conveyor speed: 20 meter/minute.
Label accuracy±1 mm
Max. label width(vertical)200 mm
Max. label length(horizontal)500 mm
Min. container width0 mm
Max. container width130 mm
(customization for ≥ 130mm)
Min. container height0 mm
Max. container height360 mm
(customization required for ≥ 360)
Inner label diameterφ76 mm
Outer label diameterΦ400 mm
Machine size (LxWxH)L3048xW1200xH1650 (mm)
Power220 V 50 Hz 2000 W

Note: the above specifications are only for reference. Actual label and bottle samples are to be provided for final confirmation.

Main Electrical Parts List

1Human interfaceWEINVIEW (Taiwan)
2Servo MotorYASKAWA (Japan)
3Servo driverYASKAWA (Japan)
4Motor for conveyorWanshsin (Taiwan)
5Motor for bottle separating unitPANASONIC (Japan)
6Gear boxPANASONIC (Japan)
7Motor for aligning unitPANASONIC (Japan)
8Motor for active sponge rollerWanshsin (Taiwan)
10TransformerDANFOSS (Denmark)
11Label sensorSICK/LION
12Container sensorKYENESE (Japan)
13Switching Mode Power SupplyMW (Taiwan)
14Load switchSchneider (French)
15Emergency switchSchneider (French)
16Air switchSchneider (French)
17AC contactorSchneider (French)