Bag Labeling Machine

VKPAK bag labeling machine is the industry’s most technologically advanced label applicator machine. This flat bag labeler is designed to efficiently apply a single top or top & bottom label to a variety of flat sealed-edge bags (like zipper bags), stand-up pouches, paper bags, boxes or other flat objects. Our unique guide systems use ultra-precise all servo fully synchronized conveyors and labeling heads to prevent bag skewing and wrinkling. This means a straight and precisely applied label on every bag.

Labeler Type & Specifications

Powerful Bag Labeler And Flat Object Labeler For Front Or Multi-Panel Labeling

Machine Type: Bag labeling machine, paper bag labeler, flat object labeler

Labeling Applications: Applies top and bottom, two sided labels to bags and flat objects.

Container Types: Bags, stand-up pouches, zipper bags, paper bags, flat objects

The bag labeler designed to apply labels onto flat surfaces such as pouches, bags or cartons featuring a bag loading platform and high friction belting.

Upgrade your machine with the VKPAK designed and manufactured Automatic bag feeder to automate the process of feeding bags onto the conveyor. The machine will outperform any human operator hand feeding, getting your labeling job done quicker and more affordable.

Once your bag is fed onto the conveyor from the loading platform, the high friction conveyor belt positively propels the bag for even and accurate label application.

This machine is built to be user friendly and versatile. Store up to 16 different product profiles consisting of different label sizes, speed and location of label placement within the machines memory for quick recall during changeover.



We are proud of our standard labeling machines, but we understand it may not always be the best solution for your needs.

Our most popular model comes with two label heads and is well equipped, but depending on your needs, the following options could be added:

  • Hot stamp coder for lot number and expiration date
  • Thermal transfer coder for lot number, expiration date, logo, barcode and other variable information on a limited print area
  • Table top printer with loose loop interface for variable information on a large portion of a blank label
  • Vision inspection
  • Label presence on pouch inspection
  • Reject station
  • Accumulation / stacking system
  • A single head model can be ordered with one label head for single side labeling at a time.


We like to address challenging projects. If you have a very specific challenge and you have not seen it on this web site or on competitors’ web sites, we are always happy to look into it Here are some examples we have met:

  • Four different labels on the same pouch
  • Label application on very large bags
  • Label application on special die-cutted pouch
  • Label application on pouch with corner fitment
  • Label application on high-speed medical device pouch
  • Outsert application on pouch
  • Integration of a label applicator on a pouch Fill/Seal machine
  • Integration of a label applicator on a Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal machine

When you need bag labeling solution, VKPAK provides the following products to meet your requirements