Square Bottle Labeling Machine

At VKPAK, we provide label application equipment for manufacturers selling products in bottles and jars that are odd or square-shaped. While it is generally very difficult to label these kinds of products, we supply labeling machines that make odd-shaped product label application affordable and efficient!

Our Self-adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine has its own unique single point like synchronized speed control system and Flexible multiple drive application provides. The disinfectant bottle labeling machine has Inbuilt Automated Label Length detection systems that eliminates the need for manually feeding and storing of Label Length data in memory and retrieving the same every time for change of label size & re-starting the machine. This in turn saves valuable time, avoiding machine-down time, and helps achieve higher production.

Why Is it Difficult to Label Odd-Shaped Bottles?

Many of our labeling machines are designed to label round (cylindrical) bottles and jars and use a rolling motion to apply the label. However, since odd-shaped and square bottles require a swiping or tamping motion rather than a rolling motion, you need a different type of labeling machine in order to accurately apply labels to odd-shaped bottles.

What Types of Products Can Your Machines Label?

At VKPAK, we have designed unique labeling machines that allow you to apply labels to the following types of products:

  • Square Olive Oil Bottles
  • Wine Bottles
  • Spice Bottles
  • Crayons
  • Water Bottles
  • Homeopathic Essence Vials
  • Eye-Droppers
  • Plastic Spray Bottles
  • Spray Cans
  • Lotion Containers
  • Automotive Polishes
  • Burritos
  • Camping Mats
  • Chapstick
  • Plastic Soda Bottles
  • Whisky Flats
  • Tapered Bottles
  • Multi-Faceted Bottles
  • Octagonal-Shaped Bottles

If you have a very unique product that needs a label, we can customize a labeling machine for your print run. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your labeling needs.

How Do I Label My Odd or Square-Shaped Product?

It is relatively easy to label a uniquely-shaped bottle or jar. This particular labeling machine has a spring plate adapter that labels with a swiping motion rather than a rolling motion. Talk to us about specific threading instructions for the RLTC and check out our labeling machine how-to videos for more detailed instructions on how to label your particular product.

Whether you require a crayon labeling machine, a soda labeling machine, or a spice bottle & jar labeling machine, we will answer your questions and help you choose the right equipment for your specific labeling application. Contact us today and increase your labeling efficiency!

Square Bottle self-adhesive labellers

The application of front and back labels on square bottles on two cycles is easily done by simply turning the bottle 180°. Also recommended for containers having a low mechanical resistance to pressure (i.e. plastics such as PET, PE, PVC and so on). Datalogic fork photocell with a 50 mm slot and teach in button. 170 mm paper passage (standard), tall rollers up 220 mm as an option.

The great advantage of this type of machine is the capability of labelling round and square bottles (with the related accessory) without the need for mounting / dismounting mechanical parts. It is sufficient to follow the correct paper path according to the required application and make some simple adjustments in compliance with the bottle format and the label(s) size. Capacity: about 6000 bph (round bottles – front and back).

When you need an square bottle labeling solution, VKPAK provides the following products to meet your requirements