Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

Full automatic flat bottle labeling machine is suitable to be used in many kinds of products, such as paper box, file pocket, paper file, cardboard and the labeling on the books, etc. The addition and use of different overlying mechanism can also be used for some surface labeling of the products whose surfaces tend to be smooth. Its integrated operation of the running process is as follows:

Firstly, the products waiting to be labeled are put or supplied through manual work, card splitting machine or connecting the flow line. And the conveyor belt deliveries the products and correcting mechanism like conducting bar sets them right. The products corrected will pass through the inductor with the driving of conveyor belt. After the inductor gets the signal, it will send the message to program storage which receives the signal will output signal to control the head mark, realizing the labeling function. After labeling, the products will be covered the label again through the overlying mechanism. At that time, the whole process of the overlying label will be completed. The products with a label can be collected.

The machine of this side sticker labeling machine / flat bottle labeler machine, is highly user friendly and very sturdy. It is very suitable for applying labels on the front, back and side; of flat, oval, square, round shaped containers. Further, this modern flat bottle labeling equipment has the capacity of maximum 100 labels in a minute, based on the shape and size of the labels and products. The labeling speed also depends on the stable movement of the product on the machine conveyor at a higher speed. This automatic, vertical and linear machine has a product alignment system that is synchronized with the top holding belt system. It even includes the latest micro processor controlled label dispensing system and a unique sensing system for labels and products. This multipurpose flat bottle labeler machine actually fulfils the various requirements of numerous users for modern packaging. It is a very fast, precise, efficient, and long lasting equipment. The simple to use adjustment results in least changing of tools or parts. Moreover, this flat bottle labelling machine can be especially designed with a pocket system and a feed worm system; in order to accurately align the bottles on the conveyor for perfectly applying the labels. It even includes a distinct single point and synchronized speed control system. The inherent label length detecting system helps to avoid manual input and storage of label length details in the memory and retrieving the same data every time for changing the label size and restarting the equipment. This flat bottle labeling system hence saves your time, prevents machine down time, increases production and decreases expenses. Besides this automated bottle labeler machine may also be utilized to apply labels on single side flat bottles, and even body/wrap around labels on round shaped bottles. An optional glass or acrylic safety cabinet is also available.

Automatic flat bottle sticker labelling machine is one of the most user friendly. Suitable for applying front, back or side labels on flat/oval/square/round shape containers with output up to 120 labels per minute depending on products shape/size and label size. Automatic product alignment system synchronised with top holding belt system. The machine incorporates modern sophisticated micro processor control label dispensing system with user friendly sensing system for label and product. Machine also available with optional wrap-round system makes it more flexible to use for applying single side label on flat bottles or applying wrap round label on round products.

The most versatile, elegantly designed linear labelling machine to meet the needs of major users of modern packaging lines, requiring high efficiency with speed, accuracy and durability. Easy to use adjustments, requiring a minimum tool or change of parts. Machine can be designed and supply with robotised twin moving pocket system or twin feed worm system ensuring perfect alignment of bottles on conveyor for precise labelling application. Selection of product stabilizing system is depending on product shape, size and required speed.

The sticker labelling machine has its own unique single point synchronised speed control system. The inbuilt automated label length detection systems eliminates any need for manually feeding and storing of label length data in memory and retrieving the same every time for change of label size & re-starting the machine. The system thus saves valuable time, avoiding machine-down time, and helps achieve higher production. Machine can be supplied with optional toughened (tampered) glass or acrylic safety cabinet. Machines having required all basic features as a standard fitment to match the current market needs and also saves cost and time.

Machine can be designed especially for applying single side flat bottles as well as body / wrapround labels on round bottles as an optional feature.

The major mechanisms of full—automatic flat surface labeling machine:

1. Adjusting seat of the headmark can adjust the direction of X axis, Y axis, Z axis and R axis.

2. Headmark includes parts—collecting mechanism, roller mechanism, peeling mechanism, feeding mechanism, haulage gear, and pulling the motor.

3. The conveyor belt is used to bring the products to be labeled into the labeling area and finish it. Then to send the products out of this area.

4. Conveyor conducting bar functions as a positive effect when delivering the products.

5. Screen touch. The man-machine operation interface is used to control the opening and stopping state of the equipment, changing the debugging parameters, observing the I/O monitoring and so on.

6. Controlling the electric box is to the circuit configuration of equipment.

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