Carton Labeling Machine

Corrugated box, Carton box printing and Labeling machine

Corrugate containers deliver versatility as a packaging solution for use in the shipping, warehouse, distribution and logistics markets. The high strength to weight ratio makes it an ideal option for these applications.

VKPAK offers solutions for labeling and printing on corrugated box that provide options in character height, print resolution and bar code quality including box labeling machine print and apply for high bar code read rates.


  • Mainly used for the labeling of cartons or cards in pharma, daily chemicals, card and other industries.
  • Highly user-friendly and interactive touch-screen control makes operation convenient and straight forward. The production capacity and the number of remaining lables can be displayed in real time. Also offers rich of on-screen help functions and error alarms.The artificial intelligence algorithm be used in the control program, the parameters adjustment has been minimized when change products.
  • The parameter record can be permanently saved. No need to reset and just invoke the corresponding parameter groups when change the products.
  • Optional hot-stamping coder or inkjet coder for date-coding on the labels, on-line barcode reader to scan bar codes on labels and reject the unreadable products.

Carton labeling is one of the most basic automated labeling applications. Most carton labeling application are straight forward. A labeling unit with a tamp applicator applies a printed or pre-printed label to the side of the box. All of VKPAK’s labeling units can print and apply or apply preprinted labels to cartons. The question is, HOW do you want to label the carton? Do you require a certain print engine or data stream? What side of the carton do you want the label applied to? Do you need adjacent panelcarton labeling or corner wrap? What size is the label? What is your throughput? All of these questions should be considered when selecting the best labeler for your application.

VKPAK can help you with your carton labeling equipment selection as well as integration and installation into your production line. Because VKPAK has the most extensive range of print and apply units, we are able to offer printer applicators with any of the major label printer engines. VKPAK printer applicators and applicators can handle most label sizes. We even have units that can apply a HUGE 8.5″ x 17″ label! Depending on your throughput rates, VKPAK offers different body sized units. Our compact Mini printer-applicators utilize a 8″ OD label roll and are ideal for low volume applications or space restricted applications. The Standard body size can handle up to a 16″ OD label roll and is perfect for high volume and long carton label applications.


1) Control system: Use SIEMENS brand PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate.

2) Operation system: SIEMENS 7 inch touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation, also rich with help function and fault display function.

3) Check system: Use German LEUZE check label sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don't have much higher requirement for worker

4) Send label system: German Avery labeling engine control system, stable with high speed.

5) Alarm function: Such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.

6) Machine Material: Machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

7) Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand.

When you need carton labeling solution, VKPAK provides the following products to meet your requirements