Automatic Wrap Labeling Machine for Round Bottle Front and Back


Double side labeling machine apply to alcohol, medicine, beverages, chemicals, pesticides and other self-adhesive labeling square / flat / round bottles. Host design labeling machines using imported and domestic advanced technology, and to improve and perfect solution for general labeling of domestic instability, optical fiber by computer control, synchronization track, the standard by a servo motor control, automatic detection size of objects and labels are affixed, and automatically controlled by microcomputer mode, large LCD touch panel, display and memory device containing dozens of groups, is modern and advanced equipment, electric mechanical integration, simple, accurate labeling, reliable performance, power, no noise. Sticker labeling machine is easy to clean, not moldy, after labeling beautiful, strong, will not fall off on their own production efficiency.


Bottle distributing---Correcting---Pressing---Labeling---Reinforcing---Finish

1. Fix the label roll on the machine according to the graphical representation, adjust the height of each part

2. Check if all the position of the labels are correct.

3. Adjust the distance between the two rails, the distance between the brush and the conveyor, make sure the distance is suitable for the product to pass

4. Turn on the power switch, turn on the optoelectronic switch.

5. Turn on switch of the motor and label sending device, debug labeling, if there are any abnormal, get rid of them.

6. Adjust the labeling position

7. Ensure the test is ok, then operating the machine normally.


1. Adopt imported electromagnetic clutch with best accuracy.

2. The machine shell adopts high class aluminum alloy anodic treatment, with long life span service.

3. Adopt famous factory electric motor to ensure high load and ling period operation.

4. All parts and standard components are carefully made of stainless steel.

5. With PLC control panel, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.

6. Imported label inspection optical coupler can ensure high precision.

Main technical parameters:

Operating directionRight/Left
Production(Bottle/Min)30-160(subject to the size of objects and labels
Conveyor speed(Meter/min)40
Labeling accuracy1.0mm
Application labelAdhesive sticker, transparent or opaque label
Inner diameter of label roll76mm
Outer diameter of label roll350mm(MAX)
Application size of labelWidth 15-140mm, length 15-300mm
Application size of bottleCan customized as label objects
VoltageAC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Machine Size(mm)2400(L)1350(W) 1500(H)mm