Scratch Card Paper Auto Top Labeling Machine


1. This series of products are not only suitable for bag sachet card paper in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food & chemical industries.

2. It can automatically finish bottle-grouping, sending mark tape, separating labels synchronously, labeling and automatically printing batch number etc.

3. With mechanics technology, it adopts big torque motor to drive, and imported photoelectric control & PLC program control system, thus guaranteeing accurate labeling, stable, reliable and high efficiency.


With micro-computer labeling system, fast & stable, suitable for longtime work  with system check function: labels lacking or broken, leaving out, e-stop, abnormal frequency-conversion, typewriter ribbon lacking, it can detect all & then stops auto.

The I/O self-check function, can display all system photoelectric signals & motor, shorten repair time, reduce maintenance cost.

With step less speed control, labeling speed automatically changes according to conveying speed, no need to move labeling sensor.

Made of SUS304 & alumni alloy, totally meeting GMP requirements.

NameScratch Card Paper Auto Top Labeling Machine
Control systemPLC+touch screen
Label heightMax 130mm
Label roll sizeInner diameterφ76 mm, Outer diameter Max φ350mm
VoltageAC 220V,50/60Hz.
DimensionL1450  mm×W850  mm×H1650  mm
ObjectsObjects with flat or slightly arched surface
FunctionThe labeling machine is made of SS 304 and high-class alloy, adopts microcomputer with touch screen. This labeling machine can be installed on any product lines or can be used individually, and can change labeling methods according to the actual needs.
This machine can sticks labels on any objects with flat surface. E.g. bags, boxes, cards, bottles, hard-wares, etc.

1. What kind of labeling machine do you have?

Dear Customer, we have automatic and semi-automatic labeling machine for round containers and flat surface. Some model for one label and others for two labels or even more. And we can design the machine according to your specific labeling situation.
Thus, pls fell free to send us your labeling requirements, we'll provide you satisfying labeling solution.

2. Could we add coding machine to print date and lot No.?

Yes, you can chose to add coding machine to print the letters and No. you want.
It's hot stamp and can print at most three lines.

3. What information should we supply to check the suitable model?

Pls send us picture of your container and label, as well as the container and label size.
Pls also tell us what kind of label you use, if possible. (For exampe, self-adhesive, could glue, hot glue, etc. whether the label are in roll or pieces.)
Then, we'll let you check the suitable model.