Professional Manufacturer Industrial Round Jar Labeling Machine

Professional manufacturer industrial round jar labeling machine is for round bottle with different size such as round jars, round bottle, round cans which can be used in the industries of cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemical and so on.

Main Features:

1. Adopt Servo motor or German original imported labeling engine to meet the needs of different customers.

2. For single-machine operation, turntable for feeding the bottles in and out can be used to maximize the production efficiency.

3. The overall material of the equipment is international standard SUS304 and imported aluminum alloy material, double layer anodizing treatment, with high corrosion resistance so it will never rust and deformation.

4. There is no bubble when put the transparent label and the adhesive label will not folded.

Main parts:

Electrical cabinet, Conveyor, Separate bottle device, Roll label device, Brush label device, 1#labeling engine, Operation system and control system.

Equipment function description:

Control system: Use SIEMENS brand PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate;

Operation system: The man-machine contro 7 inch touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation, with Chinese and Engish two kinds language, also rich with the help function and fault display function ;

Check system: Use German LEUZE check label sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don't have much higher requirement for worker.

Send label system: Use SIEMENS high-power servo control system, stable with high speed.

Alarm function: Such as abel spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.

Machine Material: Machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

Labeling way : Use the servo send label system to send label on product surface.

Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand.

Main parameter :

Driving ModeServo motor
Yield(pcs/min)20-150( can adjustable )
Operating directionLeft or Right
Conveyor Speed≤40m/min
Labeling Accuracy±1.0 mm
Label roll inner diameter76 mm
Label roll outer diameter350 mm(max)
The suitable size of labelStandard size: H: 15-130 mm  L: 15-300 mm
(Other size can customized )
The suitable size of bottlesCan customized
Printer device use air5kg/cm ²
Conveyor height900±50mm (Height can customized)
Machine size1800(L) 800 (W) 1300 (H) mm

Working process:

a. bottles move to separate bottle device for separation, keep bottles in a certain distance and move in a center line.

b. When sensor check bottle, send signal to PLC, PLC received the signal deal with information first, then output signal to servo motor driver, driven by the drive motor for send label.

c. The brush label device past label on bottle one side first, then bottle rolling around in the roll label device, brush label on bottle body for around , labeling finish.

The conveyor can be made depends on bottle size, labeling speed can be adjusted. The labeling machine can be connected with production line or operation alone.