Automatic Carton Corner Labeling Machine - One or Two Side Carton Labeler Machine

Client labeling requirement analysis :

Client products: carton ;

carton size: 45-70mm

Label material (transparent or opaque): Self Adhesive Paper Labels, Film Labels or Hologram ;

Labeling position: on the carton two corners ;

Labeling speed: max 120pcs/min ;

Operation way:connect with production line or operation alone;

Labeling position for Ref : Labeling on the corner

Equipment composition :

Electrical cabinet, Conveying mechanism, Separate carton device, Press carton device, air cylinder Brush label device, 1# and 2# labeling engines, Operation system and control system ;

Equipment function characteristics

  1. Control system: use Europe and United States series SIEMENS brand PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate;
  2. Operation system: The SIEMENS Man-machine contro touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation ,with Chinese and Engish language can change conveniently, also with help function and fault display function ;
  3. Check system: Use German LEUZE check label sensor, automatic check labeling station, stable and convenient don't have much higher requirement for worker;
  4. Send label system: use SIEMENS high-power servo control system, stable and high speed;
  5. Parameter Save: can save 30 groups labeling parameters, when change cartons don't need reset parameters, just adjust the machine part is ok.
  6. Aarm function : such as abel spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working, will alarm and stop working.
  7. Machine Material: The machine and spare parts use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust;
  8. Labeling way : use servo system send labels;
  9. Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand.

Working process

Cartons move to separate carton device for separation ;

Enter into the tidy carton device, all cartons keep a a certain distance and move in a center line;

Go on transit to press carton device, fix carton body not move and waiting labeling.

When sensor check carton, send signal to PLC, PLC received the signal deal with information first, then output signal to 1# and 2# servo motor driver, driven by the drive motor for send label.

The brush label device past labels on carton two corners more smooth; Labeling finish.

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Machine NameAutomatic Carton Corner Labeling Machine One or Two Side Carton Labeler Machine
ModelServo Model
Production Speed Per MinuteUp to 80 Containers per Minute (Speed Depends up on the length of label and diameter of product and Operator Skills).
Suitable for ProductsCarton / Box
Loading and unloadingManually (one by one) / Online provision available
ApplicationSingle / Double Side
SensorsFor Product and Paper Label(Transparent label – Extra Cost)
Label Accuracy Controlling SystemServo Motor
Operating SystemHMI + PLC controlling
Labels RequirementSelf Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 3 mm gaps between the 2 labels.
Label MaterialSelf Adhesive Paper Labels
Label Roll Outer DiameterMaximum 300 mm
Label Roll DirectionLeft to Right
Label Core ID75 mm
Label Dispensing Accuracy+1 mm
Working Height860 mm (+/-50 mm)
Conveyor Length8 Feet
Conveyor Movement DirectionLeft to Right
Machine WeightApprox 300 Kgs
Machine DimensionApprox 8 (L) x 5 (W) x 4 (H) – in Feet

Machine’s Material Of Construction

Machine Main Base FrameStainless Steel 304 Pipe Structure
Machine CoveringsComplete in Stainless Steel 304
Product Contact PartsStainless Steel 304
Non Contact PartsStainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is applicable)
Conveyor SlatRubber belt (Stainless Steel – for heavy box)
Conveyor ShaftsMild Steel with Hard Chrome or Zinc Plating
Conveyor SprocketsMild Steel or Nylon
BearingsSKF / Niche / Equivalent
Plating(Wherever Applicable)Zinc / Hard Chrome / Blackening
Feeder Belt (If required for customer’s product)Timing Sponge Belt
Guide Rod & PinStainless Steel 304
Dispenser RollersRubber Molded + Aluminum + Knurling Rollers
Dispenser Unit Up & DownScrew Based UP & DOWN Assembly