Linear Type Servo Type Shrink Sleeve Wrap Around Labeling Machine

General information

In order to meet the assorted demands of respectable clients, we are able to deliver automatic body shrink sleeve applicator .The offered range of automatic body shrink sleeve applicators is designed&developed utilizing optimum grade material , sourced from trusted vendors of the market . Along with this , the offered range of automatic body shrink sleeve applicators is strictly checked on myriad parameters to ensure its adherence with the benchmarks of quality.

1. Shrink Labeling Machine For Sleeve adpots PLC programmable controller,imported servo motor,servo driver,
frequency converter and transducer.

2. Shrink Labeling Machine For Sleeve adopts the positioning module to ensure the casting label precise,rapid and stable.

3. Our Shrink Labeling Machine For Sleeve not only has a highly precise position for casting label, but also withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after shrinkage.


1. It is suitable for all kinds of drinks, such as fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure water, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industries. It not only has high accuracy of labeling position, but also can highlight bottles nd perfect bottle-shaped after shrinkage.

2. Highly stable mechanical structure,The whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, which is stable and rust-free.

3. Flexible choice of all kinds of bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, elliptical bottle etc. can also choose the bottle mouth or body.

4. Unique synchronous cutter holder, within the scope of specifications, no replacement cutter holder. If the specifications need to be changed, it can be completed quickly in 5 minutes.

5. The shape is exquisite and beautiful, the overall structure is strong, and the use is more lightweight and flexible.

6. Exclusively designed reciprocating cutter, which adopts rigid body combination of mechanism, can operate smoothly and prolong tool life by twice.

7. Simple central pillar positioning, easy to change specifications, easy to operate, easy to understand, easy to learn, completely avoiding the user's troubles.

8. The structure of this machine is simple and generous, which can ensure low failure rate and simple maintenance.

9. The whole series of security main body safety protection frame is really intimate design.

Applicable bottle types

It is applicable for different bottles or cans . for example: glass bottles . plastic bottles and iron or aluminum bottles,cans.

Applicator for bottle shape : round bottle , square bottle bottle . flat bottle, Curved bottle and abonormity bottle .


1. Fully automatic operation

2. No bottle: No sleeve-feature (eliminates wastage)

3. Rotary cutting system

4. Can handle round glass/plastic bottles

5. Speed of 40 bottles to 300 bottles/min depending on the cut length of the sleeve

6. Servo motors for more accuracy

7. Fitted with digital PLC control

8. Height adjustments to suit height variant bottles

9. Eye mark sensor for accurate cutting in printed sleeves

10. VFD used to increase or decrease the speed wherever necessary

11. Can easily be synchronized with a tunnel


Labeling head112
Input power(kw)233
Applicable diameter of bottle body(mm)48-96
Applicable length of label(mm)30-250
Applicable thickness of label(mm)0.03-0.13
Applicable internal diameter of paper tube(mm)5"-10"(adjustable)
Main machine side(mm)2000*850*20002000*850*20003000*1200*2070

Technical Specification

Item:Shrink sleeve labeling machine
Frame material:SS304
Voltage (v)3 phase ,380/220VAC, 50/60HZ
Product speed (b/m)200
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body(mm)Ф28 mm-Ф125mm
Applicable Diameter of Bottle  height (mm)30~ 250
Applicable Thickness of Label(mm)0.035  ~0.13
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube(mm)75-250mm adjust freely
Size of Host Machine(mm)2100L*1200W*2000H
Wooden  case dimension  : (One sets)2.15*1.3*2: 2.1*0.6*1.6(m)
Parts list of Shrink sleeve labeling machine
Work unititemNoorgin
Cutter head unitAC motor1Taiwan
Clean-downAC motor1Taiwan
Material supplyAC motor1Taiwan
Frequency converter1France
optical sensors1Japan
Bottle carryingAC motor1Taiwan
Frequency converter1France
Bottle separationAC motor1Taiwan
Frequency converter1France
Hairbrush unitAC motor2Taiwan
Cutter head unitServo motor1France
Sevro driver1France
Mini optical sensors2Japan
Driving unitDriver servo motor1France
Driver servo driver1France
Electric eye unitHigh speed fiber sensor1Japan
Electric eye for bottle monitorfiber sensor1Japan
Conveyor unitFrequency converter1France
electrical cabinets
Touce screenMT6070IR    7.0'1weinviewTaiwan
Swith powerABL2REM24020H1schneiderFrance
contactorD1810 25A2schneiderFrance