Automatic Double Sides Top and Bottom Sticker Labeling Machine

Application :

Widely used in food chemical medical cosmetics electronics, hardware automotive parts, stationery, cardboard boxes surface labeling, product shaping or not, surface rough or not all ok.

Automatic Double Sides Top and Bottom Sticker Labeling Machine Details

1. This series of products are not only suitable for the s round can/jar/cylinder/bottle in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food & chemical industries.

2. It can automatically finish bottle-grouping, sending mark tape, separating labels synchronously, labeling and automatically printing batch number etc.

3. With mechanics technology, it adopts big torque motor to drive, and imported photoelectric control & PLC program control system, thus guaranteeing accurate labeling, stable, reliable and high efficiency.

Peration control system:

World famous brand PLC and servo system, multifunctional man-machine interface operation production count, visual monitoring of parameter adjustment help function and fault display show function, can preset many group labeling parameters, Change bottle no need re-setting, Detect label length automatically.


Automatic Double Sides Top and Bottom Sticker Labeling Machine Details Automatic Double Sides Top and Bottom Sticker Labeling Machine Details Automatic Double Sides Top and Bottom Sticker Labeling Machine Details


1. The whole machine and spare parts use international standard SUS304 stainless steel imported alloy material. double anodic oxidation treatment, with high corrosion resistance and never rust, suit for any production environment.

2. German import labeling engine is optional, advanced self-adaption labeling control system, reduce and simplify operating and adjusting ,improve efficiency, After change products or label, made simply adjustment is ok, do not have much requirements for worker skill.

3. Transparent label no bundle, self adhesive label no wrinkle.

4. With clamp device ensure labeling position, greatly improve labeling accuracy.

Device Advantages

Imported electric elements, stable performance, low failure rate;

Adopting photoelectric detection, PLC control, software operation, conveyor belt, labeling accurately and high precision;

Can be operated alone or contract with the production line;

No bottle not labeling, automatic alarm when achieve leakage label.

The whole machine use the material of S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy.

Technical parameters:

Label objects sizeWidth:60-350mm .height :60-380mm
Label sizeLength 10-300mm,Height 10-70mm
Labeling speed50-200pcs/min
Labeling accuracy+/-1.0mm
Label roll diameterInner diameter 76mm Outer diameter :350mm(MAX)
Labeling typeAdhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Voltage220V +-10%,50HZ.2.0KW
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Applicable environmentTemparature 5-40,humidity 15-85%(no condanansation)
RemarksCan customized as client need

Sketch Map:

Sketch Map


1. Thermal transfer printer(TTO) or link jet coding is optional.
2. Opaque or transparent labeling material all ok.
3. Automatic feeding mechanism and vacuum adsorption conveyor belt.
4. Top labeling or bottom labeling or top and bottom labeling can choose as client product labeling need.