High Speed Automatic Cold Glue Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Working process:

Post rod takes resin adhesive (paste) when the equipment was running, then transferred labels to stick by the labels box, rotate and vacuum to the vacuum belt stick on the bottle. The label formed beautiful, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and repair.

Main technical parameters:

Diameter of bottle30-110 mm
Size of label (L*H)50-330-40-150 mm
Vertical error±1
Labeling rate≥99.9%
Power supply220V/380V 50HZ
Motor power1.0KW
Gas consumption4-6kgs/Min
GlueWater-soluble phenolic resin adhesive
Net weight450KG


This wet glue labeling machine is suitable for circle for round products in the food, condiment, medicine, wine, oil, cosmetics and other industries various round bottle paste labeling.

Adopt PLC control

Use PLC man-machine interface control system, which is easy to understand.

Adopt famous brand electrical componets

The use of international famous brand electrical componets, performance and stability


1. The whole machine is made by SS304 stainless steel (including Base Frame and engine bed).The material of gommures is wearable, and material need to conform to the requirements of the food and health security agrochemical industry.

2. Paste tank with stainless steel roller machine minutely .Glue increases with the increasing use of glue and will not leak.

3. Special rubber roller through the number of processing is deformation resistance and wear-resisting.

4. Using vacuum standard, cooperating with belt, tags can be smooth paste on the bottle.

5. Photoelectric test bottle to achieve no tag without botte.

6. Through frequency converter, motor speed can be adjusted freely, and labeling capacity can be controlled freely.

7. It is not only individual operation and also can connect with production line.

8. It can post 360 standard, and error can be controled within 1 mm

9. It can quickly adjust and meet the various specifications of bottles through replacing the fan Vacuum belt small parts, etc. And it can eliminate furthest human adjustment factor.

10. The machine processing technology is exquisite, the basic components are standard parts in order to be maintainly conveniencly,.

11. Most of the configuration is imported,it can ensure the quality, stability performance is better,service time is longer,repair rate is lower.

The details:

1. Imported step motors used for the labeling head to assure labeling speed and accuracy.
The photo electricity and control system apply advanced component from Germany or Japan or Taiwan.

2. Special rubber roller is special treatment, deformation and wear resistance. Uniformly thin glue, save glue;

3. Use vacuum attaches label, with the belt, can be flat pasted on the bottle;