Full Automatic Plastic Glass Bottle Jar Cold Glue Labeling Machine


Automatic cold glue labeling machine can be applied to glass bottle with jar beer wine labeling applicator with aluminum can with paste .

The machine is made in SUS304 stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy.

Imported step motor or servo motor is used for the labeling head to assure labeling speed and accuracy.

The photo electricity and control system apply advanced component from Germany or Japan or Taiwan.

Use PLC man-machine interface control system, which is easy to understand.

Full Automatic Plastic Glass Bottle Jar Cold Glue Labeling Machine

Technical parameter:

LabelCold glue label / Paper label
Max capacity40-100 BPM
Bottle diameter20mm~φ120mm
Bottle height20mm~250mm
Length of the label10mm~300mm
Width of the label10mm~150mm
Heigh of bottles±1mm
shape of bottles50mm~280mm
shape of bottlesSquare, round, oval, flat bottle
Contraction furnace power1.1kw
Applicationadhesive labeling machine

Main Features

1) Wide application range, can meet the needs of all round bottle labeling or semi circle labeling, labeling switching between the bottle is simple, easy to adjust

2) The label accuaracy is good, the tape detour adopts the rectifying mechanism, the tape does not deviate, the three directions of the labeling position x / y / z and the inclination are adjustable with eight degrees of freedom, and the adjustment has no dead angle.

3) The label quality is excellent, adopt the elastic press cover belt, the label is flat, no wrinkle, improve the packing quality.

4) The application is flexible , the bottle standing type labeling machine is provided with an automatic bottle separating function , can be produced in a single machine , and also can be connected with the production line.

5) Intelligent control , automatic photoelectric tracking , non - labeling , non - standard automatic correction and label auto - detection , prevention of leakage and label waste.

6) High stability, The supporting equipment runs 7 × 24 hour, Mitsubishi PLC, SIEMENS Touch, KEYENCE bottle sensor, Leuze high accuracy label sensor.

7) The adjustment is simple , the labeling speed , the conveying speed and the bottle separating speed can realize stepless speed regulation, and the adjustment is carried out according to the requirement.

8) Strong and durable, adopt three bar adjusting mechanism, make full use of the stability of triangle, the whole machine is solid and durable. It is made of full ss304 stainless steel,which is in line with the requirements of GMP production.