Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine


The round bottle labeling machine suit for round bottle labeling. control by stepping motor or servo motor to make a better abeling, use PLC programmable control, photo electricity detection label-sending. Can be connected to be online side labeling machine, to label the products online or outside surface labeling of packing carton. Anti-fake labeling. an directly assemble on production line, or packing machine, to control alone, or gang control, realize automatic labeling.

For automatic labeling on round, square, flat bottles for the pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food & beverages industries.

The labeler will automatically detects the label size and the right place on bottle and set the appropriate labeling parameters – a very useful feature for users with multiple products to label.

Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Technical parameter

Labeling speed1500-6000bph,adjustable
Bottle diameterBelow 120mm
Label width10-200mm
Label length10-400mm
Labeler error≤ ±0.5mm
Label Roll DiameterReel Inner diameter: 76mm; Reel outer diameter: Max 360mm
Net weight550kg
Contour Sizes3000*1500*1700mm

Technical Features and application :

1. Output labels by step motor and Precision stepper motor driven on labeling head by adopt Germany technology. More stable, and with high labeling precision, faster speed. Keep always correct signal.

2. Good quality conveyor, running stable and accurate, with long use lifetime. Each label labeling length, adopt photo lectricity and PLC combination to auto calculate, length can be modified by touch screen, convenient to use.

3. Feeding labels adopt buffer device, to solve the label easy to snap problem. Good quality Stainless steel frame construction and components are standard. inner of Bigger control cabinet, the electrical equipment with good heat dispersion, easy to detect.

4. Humanized design, less damage, convenient to maintenance. Equipment bottom with trundle, horn feet, convenient to support and easy to move.

5. Can connected with whole production line or independent to use.

Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Applies to the circumferential surface of the object class round bottle labeling, can be attached to a single standard and double standard, are back double standard spacing can be flexibly adjusted, such as gel water round bottles, cans and other round food labeling, widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, disinfectant and other industries.

Optional peripheral location detection means can be realized in the circumferential surface labeling the specified location.

Optional Tape printer and inkjet printer to achieve the production date printed on the label and batch information to achieve labeling - endowed integration.


1, For label: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

2, Application: Diameter 30mm ~ 90mm round bottle between.

3, Industry: Widely used in medicine, food, toys, cosmetics, and other industries.

4, Application: Disinfection bottle labeling, Gel double standard labeling, red wine bottles are labeled positioning labeling
and so on.

Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine


1. Powerful, the same device can be realized in a single class of objects round bottle labeling and double standard labeling standard, double standard spacing can be flexibly adjusted. Optional peripheral location detection device can be realized in the circumferential surface positioning labeling function;

2. Labels overlap and high pressure top configuration mechanism that combines 3-axis positioning mechanism, to prevent fluctuations in the bottle, improve labeling accuracy;

3. Automatic bottle, using spring-minute bottle organizations to effectively eliminate the error caused by the sub-bottle bottle itself is
not smooth, improve stability;

4. It is equipped with English interface and PLC control system of convenient operation, human-machine interface with the operating
teaches functions, parameter modification intuitive, easy to switch various functions;

5. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label auto-correction and auto-detection function labels, tags and drain to avoid wasting stickers;

6. Solid health, primary aluminum production made of stainless steel and high-quality firm, in line with GMP production requirements;

7. With automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (no production within the set time, the device automatically to power-saving standby mode), the production number setting prompts, parameter setting protection function

Automatic Round Bottle Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Working Process

* Core works: put the product to the conveyor belt, into the sub-bottle agencies, sub-agencies will bottle products separately, the sensor detects the product passes the signal returned to the labeling control system, the control system in place to control the corresponding motor Submit tab and be affixed to the product labeling position, while overlying standard, a label attached action is completed.

* Procedure: put the product conveyor belt (which can be accessed line) -> Product delivery -> Products minutes away -> Product Testing -> Product Positioning -> Labeling and covered Landmarks -> collect the labeling products.